Design in Värnamo

In Värnamo you can visit both Bruno Mathsson and Källemo – two of the foremost furniture design companies in Scandinavia.

Store Mosse National Park

Choose from over 50 km of walking trails, and explore the unique landscape. There are stopover cabins, viewing towers, grill sites and 2 traveller’s hostels.


Vandalorum is an international art and design centre that provides simultaneous experiences on many levels.

Welcome to Värnamo

Two of the foremost furniture design companies in Scandinavia, Bruno Mathsson and Källemo, are based in Värnamo and you also find Vandalorum, an art and design centre featuring creative exhibitions. The area surrounding Värnamo offers first-class fishing waters, scenic canoe trails and cycle tours through beautiful countryside. And we have to mention all the fine hiking trails through forests and across open countryside. Don't forget Store Mosse National Park – the biggest wetland in southern Sweden, with an exciting abundance of bird species.